About the authors

Author– Prof. Arbutus

I’m working on a Ph.D. in Canadian literature, focusing on ecocritical approaches and theory. I recently finished my Ph.D. coursework, I’m going to be doing a lot of reading for candidacy exams. Canadian literature is pretty dark, there’s a lot of reading, and I think a mildly academic but fun side project miiiight help keep me sane? We’ll test that theory as we go.

First starter– bulbasaur. I still

First team in the Gen I games– bulbasaur and five pidgeys. It took me a while to get the concept of diversifying, and who hasn’t wanted to cuddle an armful of pidgeys?

Fav. Pokémon– crobat or eevee.

Editor– Salal

I’m a part-time immigration paralegal, part-time wannabe writer who also loves catching typos. (Gotta catch ’em all, pokemno pokémon!) I knew nothing about Pokemon before meeting Prof. Arbutus, but now I actually mostly understand him when he talks about it. While I maintain that pokemon battling is a horrible sport that should be outlawed, I am enjoying the show’s ridiculousness.

Although I’ve never played the games, if I were going to pick a starter I’d choose squirtle, because squirrels are cute and I like turtles. [Author’s note– My editor doesn’t even know that “I like turtles” is already a meme.]


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