Further Reading

From journal articles to fan interpretations, here are some things worth reading, updated as I discover them. (See the sub-page “Art, Fiction, etc.” for fanfics, artists’ sites, and other sundries.)

Bainbridge, Jason. “‘It is a Pokémon world’: The Pokémon franchise and the environment.” International Journal of Cultural Studies 17.4 (2014), 399-414.

O’Farrel, Brad. “How Pokemon’s world was shaped by real-world locations.” Polygon, 10 April 2015.

PokemonEpisode.org— No Netflix? Watch the episodes here.

Pokémon Language at Bulbapedia
Scientific Pokedex— using real-world science to explain and explore how pokémon might work.
Shukin, Nicole. Animal Capital: Rendering Life in Biopolitical Times — want some rigorous theory of animal bodies, capitalism, and the concept of rendering? This brilliant scholar is your go-to prof. Not a single mention of pokémon, but that’s academia for you, amiright?

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