Art, Fiction, etc.

Bonny John’s Pokémon One a Day— he’s started in on Gen II, and all the first 151 are amazing. Especially interesting because each piece is done in a different style.

Mr. Chaos Harry Potter and the Master’s Ball. Harry Potter  meets Pokémon again. Harry’s first year, except with ‘mon instead of magic. I’ve linked this to chapter 8, in which we see Snape teaching Potions. It’s a pun that works, and  It’s also the only part I really read. The author has written sequels as well, if mashup fanfics are your thing.

Caity Hall— Fantastic artist, and she does commissions!

Luke Mancini. “Riverbed.” — this art piece reminds me of those classic museum murals/dioramas of nature scenes and dinosaurs that I remember seeing at the local museum when I was, like, 4. It’s fantastic. (Mancini’s paleo-art is pretty wonderful, too.)

R. J. Palmer/ Arvalis— gods, if I could art like this artist can art, I would go off and art all the time and not bother with all these words. Also a plus, though, are the thoughtful “realistic” descriptions of the Pokémon that take into account ecology and what use the Pokémon themselves have for their elemental powers.

Pokémon Sage— a fan-made, in-progress Pokémon game set in a region inspired by South America. Apart from some really clever pokémon, the way the setting and new mechanics work is interesting.

Yami Tenno. When Worlds Collide. — Harry Potter + Pokémon, Oak teaches at Hogwarts during Harry’s second year; author got the idea “in math class,” unfinished and not updated since 2012, but I read part of it for kicks and giggles so, here you go.


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